Reinventing Cities Madrid
Social Sustainability strategy and development. Hi-Life program, winner of Reinventing Cities Madrid II

The Competition

Initiated by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, Reinventing Cities is a global competition that seeks to transform underutilized sites through sustainable and community-focused projects to drive decarbonised and resilient urban regeneration.

The Project

The aim is to implement activities with a strong environmental and bioclimatic component, that are able to extend their influence to the rest of the area, creating a space that attracts innovative and competitive companies and favours the estate’s consolidation

Hi-Life’s proposal aims to consolidate Madrid’s industrial area La Atalayuela, with a new approach in urban logistics, implementing activities with a strong environmental, bioclimatic, and social component.

It aspires to facilitate a sustainable urban distribution, through a project that holds significant impact in the city of Madrid, by means of distribution in vehicles stocked with 100% clean green hydrogen.

Lead By

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