Dedication rhymes with innovation

We are the S in Social and Sustainability. We offer expert advice in promoting social initiatives, sustainable and with impact.

social by nature

We are a strategic consultancy promoting initiatives in the field of Social Sustainability

Social Innovation

Social innovation

We bring social innovation, participating as advisors and strategic consultants both at national and international level.

Initiative’s promotion

We work in the analysis, design and development of personalised programs and initiatives. Bringing innovation, strategic knowledge, and qualified experience with a multidisciplinary approach.


We are committed to innovation and social impact. We work in accordance with the sustainable development goals, while subscribing to the principles of the social and solidarity economy.


Monica Chemlal
Mónica Chemlal

Consultant, promoter, and facilitator of projects in the field of sustainability. Strategy and business processes specialist.

More about Monica

Graduate in AdE (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).
Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (EOI).
Versatile and energetic senior project manager with extensive experience in managing change initiatives, both in the private sector and in non-profit organisations.
Specialised in sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, program management and business processes.
Vast experience in leading international projects.

Miquell Angel Muñoz
Miquel Àngel Muñoz

Consultant, promoter, and facilitator of projects in the field of social economy. Specialist in business and marketing strategies.

More about Miquel

Graduate in AdE (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).
MBA specialized in Cooperative Business (University of Nebrija).
Lecturer in masters and postgraduate programs at the Universities of: IL3 Universitat de Barcelona, ​​Universidad de Granada, Universidad de Extremadura and Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Specialized in the development, management and execution of programs, entrepreneurship, consolidation, and business growth, in the field of the social economy and the third sector.

A team that adapts to the environment

We have a collaborative network of excellence, and we work in alliance with several national and international partners, which allows us to offer services that are tailored to the needs of each organization.


“What I value most about the experience of working with Zoomin is working with truly expert people who, at the same time, are close, know how to adapt to all kinds of situations and act with great honesty”

María Rosa Oria

Doctor in Comparative Education,, Universidad de Extremadura


“I would recommend Zoomin as consultants because they have vast experience in what they do, they adapt to different situations, they give you tools so that you can continue; and everything from the most humane treatment you can imagine”

Irina Pertierra Sánchez

Partner,, Red Jurídica


“Zoomin is a great team, its perspectives and trajectories support an invaluable 360 ​​approach to any organisation that wants to go from top-down and bottom-up, such is the reality of the current market. And there lies the competitive advantage of Miquel and Mónica. They have been in projects of all kinds. In the hyperlocal, the local and the global, and your project will never be foreign to them”

Fernando González

Founding partner at, Nower, Energy Flow Concept and Grupo Civix

part of the change

Each initiative is an opportunity to join forces and be part of the change
We are at your disposal to tell you more about us and our work, as well as answer your questions

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